January 18th, 2018

Commercial & General Liability Claim Investigation

Employers & Public Liability

Commercial / Business Liability ClaimsWhether we are dealing with a simple slip and trip or a slip and fall, bodily injury and fatalities, premises liability or a multi-claimant accident investigation, Northwest Investigations & Consultings priority is to provide an effective and timely resolution of every Insurance claim.

We have a proven track record as general liability claims adjusters along with being experienced as commercial liability claims adjusters. Every liability claim investigation starts with a thorough investigation of all the issues involved before deciding on the most appropriate approach and resources required. Photographs and interviews are obtained as needed.

Our focus is always on a swift resolution. We evaluate those cases which we feel can be defended, and those that warrant early settlement ensuring that we provide the most cost-effective solution for our client. Key features are:

  • Professional loss adjusters with in-depth experience
  • Technical skills applied to ensure quick resolution
  • Tactical use of Pre-Action Protocols and Civil Procedure Rules
  • In-depth investigation, timely reporting and risk management advice
  • Full review of medical records on all personal injury / bodily injury liability claims

Products Liability & Product Recall

It is essential that claims involving defective products are dealt with swiftly and thoroughly, utilizing a sound knowledge of a wide range of legal and technical issues. Liability Claims AdjusterIn the case of product recall, this can involve delicate handling given the commercial implications and potential publicity.

Given the demands of dealing with such claims and the complexity of the issues that can arise, we have recruited a number of highly experienced professionals with the relevant skills and a proven track record. When required, those professionals are supported by independent experts.

Key features of our service are:

  • All assignments handled by professional loss adjusters
  • Immediate allocation of resources to facilitate rapid claim settlement
  • Detailed, timely and comprehensive reporting
  • Designated contacts to improve communication
  • Liaison with the Insured, attorneys or claimant to assist in preserving commercial relationships
  • Attend meetings to allow discussion of key issues

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