January 18th, 2018

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Northwest Investigations(503) 710-4414 - Office
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Central Assignment Center Address:
Northwest Investigations & Consulting, LLC.
PO Box 90576
Portland, OR 97209-0576

Email Addresses

Property & Casualty Insurance Claims:claims@nwinvestigation.com
Civil & Criminal Investigations:investigations@nwinvestigation.com
Get a Free Consultation:freeconsult@nwinvestigation.com

To send assignments by Fax, please use: 503-262-6800.

All claim and Investigation assignments are received, coordinated, and distributed through our home office in Portland, Oregon.

With the aid of our Central Assignments Center, files and information can be quickly reviewed and processed, then electronically submitted to the appropriate adjuster or investigator streamlining the process and ensuring that assignments are handled in the most efficient manner possible. New assignments can be telephoned, faxed or emailed to the center. An acknowledgement will be sent within 24 hours.

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Northwest Investigations & Consulting, LLC

PO Box 90576
Portland, OR 97290-0576

503-262-6800 - Fax
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