January 18th, 2018

Domestic Matters & Fidelity Investigations

Fidelity Issues

Domestic & infidelity investigationsOur approach is simple. You will deal with a professional investigator to discuss your needs and objectives. A team of the best investigators, who have been thoroughly versed about the case objectives, will handle the field investigation.

The terms are all synonymous: Infidelity, cheating, unfaithful, affair, and adultery. However, if you or your client is the one using these words to describe the concern about a cheating husband or cheating wife (or significant other), there are also tremendous emotions attached with uttering those words. Fear, pain, & heartbreak.

We understand the emotional situation that any spouse finds themselves in when infidelity questions arise. We also understand that it is often the unknowing or uncertainty about the mate's activities that cause the greatest stress.

Our clients are important to us.   We are proud of the services we provide.

At Northwest Investigations & Consulting, we understand cheating spouse investigations the need to know the truth. In obtaining and documenting the truth, we also seek to help provide information to assist you or your client in making the correct decisions in these potentially life changing situations. Decisions made from a position of knowing, not guessing.

Our investigative resources include: experts in technical surveillance, as well as stalking & surveillance counter-measures. We have access to a number of databases to give you unparalleled investigations.

Your Mate’s Background

Are you beginning to get serious about a boyfriend or girlfriend and would like to know if what they are telling you is the truth? Northwest Investigations & Consulting can conduct a background search on the individual and verify or disprove the stories that you have been told. We have found that this is more of a necessity with the advent and increased use of internet dating sites.

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