January 18th, 2018

Workers’ Comp Insurance Fraud & AOE / COE

Workmans’ Comp and Fraud InvestigationsOur professional staff has been providing insurance defense investigations throughout Oregon for over 18 years. All assignments received are approached with the expectation that the results very possibly be presented before a state workers compensation board or in a court of law. We understand the importance of ensuring that our clients are shown to have conducted a thorough investigation in a professional manner.

Don’t be the victim of fraud, let us help.

We take pride in providing you with timely, thorough investigations and reports which have been tailored to your specific needs. Our experience in the fields of insurance fraud, workers compensation fraud, litigation and defense investigation assists greatly to ensure that all factors have been examined in even the most complex workers compensation AOE/COE cases. We are able to handle assignments from initial investigation to final resolve.

As we collect the statements, photographs, measurements and conduct any necessary equipment examinations, we keep watch for any factors indicating a possibility for subrogation.

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