January 18th, 2018

Professional Surveillance / Private Investigations

Professional Surveillance to discover fraud.Sur·veil·lance noun: Close observation of a person or group, especially one under suspicion. The act of observing or the condition of being observed.

As an employer, you want to do right by an injured employee. You want to learn from any mistakes so they don't happen again.

However Workers’ Compensation fraud is real. It costs insurers and employers millions of dollars each year. There are loss payments, medical bills, and long-term disability payments. There are higher employment insurance premiums.

Solid evidence is important. It’s the facts ma'am. In many cases, a suspect claim can be mitigated or denied with a thorough investigation and good surveillance video.

Since every claim is unique, a close review of the merits of each situation should be conducted and an investigative strategy developed to get rapid and fair claims determination.

Two primary ways to detect and confirm suspected fraudulent claims:

  • Beware of the "Red Flags" of Worker's Compensation fraud
  • Observe and document claimant activity, then later compare to objective medical findings

Sadly, the system is all too easy to abuse.
Fraud can be difficult to prove, so it is rarely prosecuted.

When to Use Surveillance

Investigative video surveillance services are also widely used nationwide in the insurance and claims industry. Claims of all amounts have been mitigated or denied using. The decision to use surveillance should be based on the following premises: the level of exposure Surveillance by Professional Private Investigatorsto the claim, you have information that leads you to believe the claim is suspect or contradicting medical evidence. There are many other "indicators," but these are usually the primary ones.

Surveillance is the primary a tool used to document fraud, abuse, theft, infidelity, and other activities. Good qualified surveillance video is the most compelling evidence and is welcome in the courts and most official proceedings.

Very few investigators can conduct a competent, successful physical surveillance. Our specialty surveillance private investigators have completed countless numbers of surveillance investigations with an outstanding track record of observing and documenting a subject's activity. We use the most up to date and technologically advanced video equipment for outside and inside applications. Many clients with insurance, divorce, child custody, theft, and infidelity issues have resolved the situation due to the success of our surveillances.

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